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CrossFit Fitness WOD – 24/08/2015
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CrossFit Fitness WOD – 24/08/2015

Coach Gino Goossens
23 augustus 2015 - Auteur: Coach Gino Goossens Categorieën: Workout of the day.

CrossFit Fitness: Workout of the day

A. Box Jump; 3,3,3,3,3 @70%; rest 60s
B1. DB RFESS @3010; 8-10×3; rest 60s
B2. Pull-up @2202; 3-5×5; rest 60s (sub ring row if needed)


10s Rower Sprint @100%
Rest 2:30
Rest 5:00


box jumps are as a primer for the squats, ensure step down after each rep no ‘bouncing’ or rebounding

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