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CrossFit WOD Fitness 06/10/2015 – CrossFit Rotown
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CrossFit WOD Fitness 06/10/2015 – CrossFit Rotown

Coach Gino Goossens
5 oktober 2015 - Auteur: Coach Gino Goossens Categorieën: CF Fitness en Workout of the day.

CrossFit Workout Of the Day for CF Fitness

Focus: LB Push, Structural, UB Push/LB Pull, Assistance, MAP 1-3

A. EMOM14:
Odd: Front Squat x 6-8 reps @30X1
Even: Supinated Strict Pull-ups x 3-4 reps (add weight if these are easy) substitute with ring rows where needed

Odd: Strict Press x 6 reps
Even: Romanian Deadlift x 6 reps (focus on weight through heels & ‘long’ spine)

Odd: 10-12 Burpees
Even: Row 30s @90% (consistent distance across all sets for each metre different from the first round = 1x burpee + wall walk to be completed at the end as a penalty)


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