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CrossFit WOD Fitness 21/10/2015 – CrossFit Rotown
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CrossFit WOD Fitness 21/10/2015 – CrossFit Rotown

Coach Gino Goossens
20 oktober 2015 - Auteur: Coach Gino Goossens Categorieën: CF Fitness en Workout of the day.

CrossFit Workout Of The Day Fitness

A. EMOM12 (3 sets of each):
Minute 1 – Push Press x 5 reps [heavier than previous week]
Minute 2 – Front Rack Reverse Lunges x 12 reps (6/leg)
Minute 3 – Supinated Bent Over Row x 5 reps (same weight as push-press)
Minute 4 – FLR Hold x 50 seconds (on rings if FLR is easy)

B. Every 4 minutes, for 12 minutes (4 sets):
Bench Press 4-6 reps @20X1 [all heavier than last week]
Between each set, perform 8-10 banded face pulls

C. Every 90s for 9:00
3 Sumo Deadlifts [heavy]
5 BJSD (24/20)
80m Sprint
Perform each set as quickly as possible.

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