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Squat Flow Demo – CrossFit Barendrecht Bekijk video
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Squat Flow Demo – CrossFit Barendrecht

Coach Gino Goossens
29 juli 2015 - Auteur: Coach Gino Goossens Categorieën: Demonstraties en Video's.

This is part of the mobility routine we regularly perform at CrossFit Rotown – Barendrecht. The squat flow routine will improve hip mobility and build stability at extreme joint angles—the positions in which you are most likely to get injured.

You need to lift heavy if you want to build serious muscle size. To be able to do this you need to create metabolic stress by increasing the time your muscles are under tension. If you don’t, you’re leaving gains on the table. This Squat Flow will improve hip mobilitybuild stability and build serious strength.

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